Sea Child  camphor wood, 6' high. Based on an argonaut shell brought to my feet by wind and waves during a typhoon on a beach in western Japan.
  The Architect's Dream  (front and back) camphor wood, 4' long.
  Urban Man  camphor wood 5' 6" high. A smaller figure can be seen sitting Buddha-like in the work's hollowed interior.  
  Son of a Gun  red oak, 4' high. A response to the insane gun laws in America......The expression "son of a gun" comes from the days of the square riggers when sailors slept in hammocks slung between cannons below deck. When the ships were at anchor, wives and girlfriends came on board and stayed below with their menfolk. Any sailor born from such a union came to be called a "son of a gun." 
  Venus  camphor wood, life-size. Destroyed in the 2005 Kyushu earthquake.
  The Sound of Waves  wood and beach pebbles, 22" long
  The Sea's Birthday  wood and beach pebbles, 7' (2 m) long. Title from a poem my wife wrote as a child.
  Fairy Ring  Japanese cedar and wood chips. About 20" in diameter (6 m). Kyushu Prefecture Art Museum. The wood chips came from the carving process. I saved these logs from the construction company that cut down an entire forest and subsequently ground the forest into pulp. 
  Mythological Landscape  camphor wood, 30" long (76 cm)
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