Hope   granite, 7' high, Ki'mchon, Korea. Located in the K'imchon Sculpture Park, next to a children's hospital.
  Peace Table   granite, 14' high. Located at the United Nations Korean War Memorial Park in Pusan, Korea. In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Korean War. One artist from each of the 22 countries involved in the conflict was invited to make a work to commemorate the war. I represented the United States. The North Koreans and Chinese were not invited... pity... It would have been an interesting symposium if the other side had been there as well...
  Islands in the Stream  marble, 6' high, Carrara, Italy. A map of the heavens. Title from Hemingway.
  Eno River Landscape   painted steel and river pebbles collected from the Eno River, 9' high. Tribute to the Eno River, spiritual home to us "river rats". Part of a series of works that combine river pebbles with welded steel to represent specific landscapes. Any irony derived from the combination of natural and industrial materials is purely intentional.
  Cherokee  painted steel and stone, 9' high. Homage to the Cherokee people. Stones gathered from creeks in Smoky Mountains. Design based on motifs from traditional Cherokee gourd art.
  Sei   Carrara marble, 7' long. Fukuhara Gakuen University, Kitakyushu, Japan. Sei is a japanese word meaning birth, life, nature or manufactured product.
  Genesis  granite and painted steel, 7' high. A metaphor for cosmic creation. 
  Jurassic Forest  Steel and river pebbles 
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