Yama   oil on canvas, 25"x 35"
  Carolina, 1491  oil on canvas, 21” x 26”. The Outer Banks before the arrival of the Europeans and the subsequent extinction of the Carolina parakeet.
  The Light in the Forest   oil on canvas  22" x 26"
  High Tide   oil on canvas, 3'x 4', Inspired by the song  The Icecaps Are Melting  by Tiny Tim.
  Sphinx   oil on canvas  4' x 4' (unfinished)
  Trees and Monkeys   oil on canvas,  5' long. A view of the forest of Yakushima, Japan, one of most beautiful and largely pristine landscapes left in Japan.
  Voyage   oil on canvas  4'x5', A visual metaphor for the artist's journey.
  Lost and Found   oil on canvas, 2'x 3', An old work. Title from Tchelitchew.
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