High Tide   oil on canvas, 3'x 4', Inspired by the song  The Icecaps Are Melting  by Tiny Tim.
  Yama   oil on canvas, 25"x 35"
  The Light in the Forest   oil on canvas  22" x 26"
  Carolina, 1491  oil on canvas, 21” x 26”. The Outer Banks before the arrival of the Europeans and the subsequent extinction of the Carolina parakeet.
  Sphinx   oil on canvas  4' x 4' (unfinished)
  Trees and Monkeys   oil on canvas,  5' long. A view of the forest of Yakushima, Japan, one of most beautiful and largely pristine landscapes left in Japan.
  Voyage   oil on canvas  4'x5', A visual metaphor for the artist's journey.
  Lost and Found   oil on canvas, 2'x 3', An old work. Title from Tchelitchew.
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