The Tree of Good and Evil  a Biblical metaphor for our ambivalent relationship with technology.
  Babel  steel, 8' high.  Figures within the city can be seen prostrating themselves in prayer before a giant cell phone... Do cities grow organically from nature like a tree or are cities built on the dead stumps of a ruined nature?
  Motor City  steel and bronze, 10’ high
  Amitra Devi  steel and bronze, 9’ high. In 18th century Rajasthan Amitra Devi and her daughters sacrificed themselves to save a sacred forest from the king’s wood cutters. Their sacrifice inspired India’s 20th century Chipko Movement which in turn influenced the tree huggers in the West.
  The Geometer's Gate  painted steel, 10' high (3.1 m) An homage to those creative minds from Euclid to Einstein who reshaped our understanding of time and space ...
  Caprice  painted steel, 10’ high
  Urban Man   steel and bronze, 7’ high,
  The Forest at Night   painted steel, 11' high
  Nova  painted steel, 8’ high
  Garden of Night   steel on wood, 6' high
  Stranger in a Strange Land   steel and bronze, 7' high. A future Moses wandering a wasted ecosystem where technology has run amok. Another figure can be seen inside the sculpture, arms raised in supplication toward the heavens .....
  Under a Starry Sky    bronze, 10' diameter Fine Arts College, Shanghai. One night on planet Earth.
  Night  steel and bronze, 9' high. A chronicle of the Sixth Extinction from about 40,000 ago to the present. Species already extinct (including mammoths, moas, dodos, Tasmanian tigers, etc.) are on the left side. Currently endangered animals (monarchs, elephants, cheetahs, etc.) are on the right. On top are the baiji dolphins of China, the most recent large mammal to be extinguished by humans (2007). Biologists predict 50% of all species alive in the 20th century will be extinct or critically endangered by the end of this century ...
  Brave New Worlds  Steel and cast bronze and aluminum, 10' high. The biosphere transformed into the technosphere. "O brave new world, that has such creatures in it!"
  St. Elmo  powder coated steel, 15' high, Chattanooga, TN, 2014. A history of Chattanooga from Pre-Columbian times through the Trail of Tears, the rise of slavery, the Civil War and to the present. The figures are gas welded steel (no bronze).
  Wheel of Life    bronze and painted steel, 8' high (2.5 m). The evolution of technology into increasingly more destructive expressions. Civilization is destroyed. A new civilization rises from the ashes. The karmic cycle continues. 
  Ark   painted steel, 8' high. This work can be interpreted in one of two ways: As a metaphor for our role as the stewards, the captains (the "Noahs") of Ark Earth. The work can also be seen in a darker light: a preview of a future when either because of war or environmental devastation, we are compelled to build a space ark and colonize other worlds, carrying with us those plants and animals necessary for our survival.
  High Rise  9' high (2.7 m) steel and bronze. The city defined:  1.  a cultural hub of near constant sensory stimulation, intellectual exchange and movement   2.  The soaring towers that indicate the presence of civilization   3.  The domicile of Homo urbanus   4.  The source of our spiritual and psychological disconnect from nature   5.  A cancerous growth on the face of the Earth...
  Driving to the Western Paradise     bronze, 7' (2 m without base). Changshou Park, Shanghai. A sardonic commentary on the Chinese mad rush to emulate western-style capitalism. The Chinese government, not pleased with the sculpture's message, changed the title (after I'd left the country) to something less politically charged.... China's elite are eager to imitate the West's lust for profit but not its democratic ideals nor its freedom of expression   ....
  Car Monsters  7' high (2 m) steel and bronze
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