(published 2018) Available on Amazon.com. 
 Cover for  Lessons from the Sand , published by UNC Press,  2016. A beach science activity book for kids and their parents. 
  Night Journey  (from  The Magic Dolphin )
 Shell Collectors from  The Magic Dolphin  (Chapter 1: Make a Wish)
  Island of the Blue Butterflies  (from the  Magic Dolphin )
  Lions Feasting on a Whale  (from the  Magic Dolphin )
  Longshore Current  (from  The Magic Dolphin)
  Shell Collectors  (from  Lessons From the Sand )
  Wave Orbitals  ( Atlantic Coast Beaches , Pilkey et al, Mountain Press, 2007)
  Continental Drift  ( The World's Beaches , Pilkey et al, University of California Press, 2011)
  Fifty Shades of Blue  (unpublished)
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